Thursday, March 20

Happy First Day of Spring!!

Spring is...
*playing outside
*spring showers
*playing in puddles
*trips to the zoo
*baby animals at the farm
*Payton's Birthday
*Mother's Day
*the start of festivals
*walking to the library
*worms and yucky bugs
*frogs in the ponds
*going for bike rides
*raincoats and boots



Jen said...

And don't forget 1-3 inches of snow,LOL!!! I LOVE Spring!!!!

Ellisa said...

Thanks Jennifer...I was trying to forget!!!

Tiffany said...

hee hee...and spring is getting yummy gelato in Royal Oak after some Pronto yumminess!

Marissa said...

YUMMMMMMMM Spring. I can't wait for it to STAY just like it is today.

And Tiffany, be careful - I don't want you getting mugged in Royal Oak.

Gene said...

Yes, Thanks Jen for the reminder, there's one in every bunch LOL. I can't wait for NICE weather. Love Mom K.

Kim Cervone said...

Jenbeat meto the punch. High hopes for that great list of yours though, Elissa...can we add outdoor playgroups??

Lorene said...

The zoo....I can't wait for the zoo!!!! And the farm!!! I can't wait for the farm!!! And the playground!!! I can't wait for the playground!!! I am right there with you babe! Soon. Very soon.