Saturday, March 8

Snow, Snow, go away.

NEVER COME BACK!! I'm so sick of snow. We've had our limit on snow days and if we miss another, we have to make it up. We still had snow left from the last storm on Wednesday and now we're getting another 3 inches. Payton and I made a fort with the last snowfall and he's pretty happy with it. He's hoping that this will add to the wall and make it bigger. We'll let Daddy take care of that though.

Maxwell is getting four more teeth right now. He already has eight. He's been a bit crabby and not sleeping well, but I can't really blame him. Hopefully it will be over in a week or so. These are the moments I'm glad we're not having any more kids.

Matt and I are pretty sure we're going to join the YMCA. I love the Warren Rec Center, but I need classes to keep me involved and moving. And since the Rec Center classes are $109 for 8 weeks, that more than doubles our membership price. With the Y, most are included and the extras are only $28 for 10 weeks. I'm anxious to get back to the exercise regime. I know I'll feel better and in time, look better.

Last night I had a few friends over and we played Wii for quite awhile. It's so different to see how "girls" play vs. watching my brothers and Matt play. We just laugh at each other and let each other do our thing. The guys try to help each other, offer advice and get upset when they don't do well. I much prefer playing with my girls.

Hope you're all having a great weekend and you're not getting *too* much snow...if any at all!


Marissa said...

Green grass & sunshine here!
hahahahahaha - no, for real. :)

hope max gets over the cranks soon -- cranky babies = NO fun.

Jen said...

I am so with you on the snow thing. I'm hoping for global warming to hit MI soon, LOL!! Oh well, it can't snow forever, can it??

Big hugs to Max!!