Tuesday, March 4


It's just a blah kind of day. Payton and I had eye doctor appointments today. He's perfect and healthy and sees 20/20. I am getting older, my eyes suck and I needed new glasses and contact prescriptions. ugh. I did discuss laser eye correction with him. It's something I'm definitely a candidate for he said. The cost is not *too* bad per eye. I was thinking it'd be more money. Maybe next year...

We got home and Matt had to take off right away, so another day without seeing him. Since we got home yesterday and he left for work until Thursday night, I'll only see him about 4 hours of awake time. That kinda sucks.

I had a headache from the dilation drops in my eyes and of course Max wouldn't nap. So that sucked. Finally got him to sleep, Payton and I played a game and made dinner and now he's watching a movie and Max is playing with Wii-mote.

I think I'll just relax tonight. I need to finish a knitting project soon, I have some sewing to do for a gift for a friend, I need to pick a new recipe for dinner this week and I have to go through all the ads and coupons from the paper on Sunday. I think I'll just keep the TV off and accomplish some things.

We're supposed to get between 4-8 inches of snow tonight with lots of blowing and high winds. I hope they don't cancel school tomorrow. Payton has a field trip and if they cancel that, this would be the 3rd of 4 field trips canceled! I know he'd be upset. Hopefully they can get the roads taken care of overnight so that by morning school can go on.


Marissa said...

{{{hugs}}} hunker down & relax tonite, babe. hope your headache goes away.

Gene said...

We are getting major ice here, I left work and my car was totally covered UGH, I am soooo sick of winter !!!!!
Hope you have your quiet time and get rid of you headache. I can understand not seeing Matt, when dad worked at the grain elevator his hrs. were awful during harvest time. Hope all is well, Love Mom K.

Kim Cervone said...

I hope you guys had school. This is the 3rd snow day we have had . That's pretty bad for only being in school three days a week. Are you feeling any better, my poor baby??