Wednesday, March 26

Trip to Ohio (LONG blog!!!)

Whew!!!! I'm home and EXHAUSTED! This has to be my most exhausting trip to Ohio yet. With both Payton AND Maxwell on the move and needing attention, I didn't get near as much "downtime" as I usually do at my parents' house. But it was a great trip!

We drove in on Saturday and set up the guest rooms and got all the accommodations set up. That night, all of the adults went out for dinner for my "baby" brother's 27th birthday. My mom was GREAT and found an awesome sitter from her church that came over and just sat with the boys while they slept. We went out to Buca Di Beppo, a family style Italian place. It was great food and lots of fun. All my brothers were there, which is rare.
My brother took this picture of Matt and I. I see in my cheeks that I'm losing weight and Matt looks good too! Not sure why his cheeks are so red...he wasn't even drinking.

Then, Easter Sunday, we all got up, got dressed for church and let the boys find their baskets. Payton loved finding his basket. We all went to my childhood church where my parents still go and then came home to hunt Easter Eggs and have dinner. Payton loved hunting eggs so much that he asked different family members to hid them again. He did this five times! Unfortunately, Matt had to come home Sunday night to return to work on Monday.

Monday, we met my brother and sister in law for breakfast at Panera and then went shopping. The rest of the afternoon, we just hung around the house.

Tuesday, we decided to take the boys to the Cleveland Children's Museum. The building is small, and it was spring break for most schools in the area, so things were CRAZY, but the boys had a blast none-the-less. There are several permanent exhibits; water area, climbing area, big red barn (for under 4 yrs old), and a community area that is a store, house, hospital, post office and bus station. Then they have an exhibit that changes quarterly. Right now it's about the Galapagos Islands Tortoise. It was really cool! Maxwell had never been in the sand before and he wasn't sure at first, but within five minutes he warmed up to it.

Today, Wednesday, I took the boys to my inlaws house for the rest of the week so that Matt and I can do some serious work on our house. We have a lot of "little things" that need to be attended to before we start the Spring work outside.

If you finished reading this, THANKS! I hope you all had as great an Easter as we did. And I hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


Marissa said...

what a fun & exhausting trip! your pics are GREAT and that pic of you & matt is AWESOME! your face does look thinner. welcome home, i missed you & hope to see you SOON! :::smooches:::

Lauren said...

Sounds like a great trip back home!! Glad you guys enjoyed it. :) HOpe you get everything done that you want to get done this week! ((hug))

Jen said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip!! That is a great pic of you and Matt.
Hope you gt the house stuff done and I hope to see you guys soon!! Miss ya and love ya! maybe we can get to the farm or zoo soon if Mother Nature cooperates.

Tiffany said...

welcome home my lovie- I love all the pics!