Tuesday, March 11

Feeling Motivated

Matt and I made a decision about a gym and joined the local YMCA. I'm very happy with my decision and I started back to the gym tonight.

I had my annual appointment at the doctor's today and was actually fairly impressed with my weight. I'm right were I was 2 months ago. LOL. That's not too bad really considering I didn't do a lot to lose any.

I was able to run intervals tonight of 3 minutes speed walking (3.5 MPH) and then 2 minutes jogging (4.6 MPH). I'm anxious to get my grove back and I hope that by July I can lose 10 lbs and by December I can be in my "ideal" range which would mean 18-20 lbs lost total.

Wish me luck!!!!


Jen said...

Good Luck!! I know you can do it!! Now I need to get my arse in gear too!

Tiffany wanna-be-Fonda said...

I'm so excited to have a workout buddy!

Much mad love