Monday, March 24

Going "Home"

For the holiday weekend and spring break, my boys and I are currently at my childhood hometown visiting my parents. We'll be here for five days total, which is plenty and not enough at the same time. The town has changed over the last 10 years since I moved out and moved on, but the feelings are still here. And the memories.

Yesterday, I was driving around town and I passed my elementary school. Then the place I had my first job. I passed the pool where I used to spend my summers. I passed the lake I used to skinny dip in. I passed the restaurants where we would go after football games. And even when I got home, the memories kept coming.

The fights with my brothers...and my parents. Sneaking out at night. Playing card games around the dining room table. Birthday parties. Pool Parties. Girl talks with my mom late at night. I'm glad that I can come back to these memories. I wouldn't trade them in for anything. I hope that my boys have such fond memories of their childhods when they grow up.


Marissa said...

Its really true - there is NO place like home. Even if its a home of your past. I'm so glad you're enjoying your trip. :)

Kim Cervone said...

I think the memories are more impactful if you aren't around these things on a daily basis. I pass by all of those things often but when I go past my grandma's old house that she hasn't lived in since I was about 10, those memories flood in. It is amazing how "things" can trigger such emotion, isn't it?

Lorene said...

Enjoy your visit! Enjoy the memories and Enjoy making new ones with the boys!