Friday, March 28

Work Day One

Matt and I slept in this morning, so we got a late start on our projects, but really...a chance to sleep in until 11am without the kids and no where to be! Why WOULDN'T we sleep in?

But we got up and moving pretty quick. We were at Lowes and spent 1.5 hours there buying what we needed. We came home and got straight to work. I painted half of our kitchen cabinet doors that were still remaining to be painted. Then we started work on our kitchen sink. We removed the entire sink and replaced it with a new one with a new faucet! I'm so excited! It looks great, but it took about 4 hours total. We also removed the old caulk around the kitchen counters and I recaulked. It looks much fresher.

Somewhere in my day, I also managed to paint the bathroom ceiling. I'm SO glad that's done. I've been waiting to get it done for so long. It needs touched up a bit in a place or two, but we have a lot of painting to be done tomorrow, so I'll work on it then.

Matt and I worked side-by-side almost all day without any issue or argument. It was so nice. We listened to music on the Comcast Music channels and tried to name the artist and title of the song without looking. We kept track of points for awhile, but then it just became fun.

Tomorrow, we're need to finish a few details on the sink, paint a lot and then I think we'll go out to dinner together. Hopefully we can make it through tomorrow, too, without any disagreements about how to get things done.


Jen said...

I'm so jealous you slept until 11!!!

Sounds like things are coming along great!!

Jessica said...

I'm so jealous you can have a work day without kids!!!

I bet your house looks awesome!

Marissa said...

days without disagreements are THE BEST! i can so relate! sounds like things are moving along great - can't wait to see all the new changes. :)