Sunday, June 8

Army Wives

I have always been drawn to this community of women. I think being born part of a military family, I've been bred and raised to be a military wife.

Like the movie "We were soldiers" with Mel Gibson; I loved the movie, but I was especially drawn to the women, the wives, in the movie. And the TV show, "The Unit", another show that portrays the life of military spouses. Now, season 2 of "Army Wives" on Lifetime has started. I've just been sucked in.

I know it's a movie. And I know it's dramatized, but I feel a connection to them and the emotions.
A friend, Marissa, has always identified with the Amish. She loves to read about them, see the movies and even longs to be one. But she knows she never will be. And self-admittedly, she wouldn't do well Amish. I guess it's not unusual to connect with something you aren't...

I just feel like something is almost missing by not being a military wife. I know Matt's in the reserves, but it's not the same. Maybe that's why I've always pushed him so hard to go active duty.

In time...maybe I will instead.

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Marissa said...

something must be in the air - i just blogged this morning and included my longing for the amish...or in this case, longing NOT to be amish. LOL!!

i have yet to get sucked into those shows about army wives but i can see how, with the flip of a coin, one could feel the complete opposite.