Monday, June 16

Mom is here!

Sorry if my blog is sparse the next few days. My mom came into town on Saturday and I'm really enjoying our time together. It's not often that we get this devoted time and I'm taking advantage of it! I think she'll leave this weekend or the beginning of next week, but who knows with her.

Payton started swimming lessons today. He's so very proud. I was a bit leery of the class I put him in, but after talking to his instructor, Justin, I think it's a good fit. Justin swears he'll be swimming on his own at the end of the intensive three week class. I hope so! Today, he had to be pulled out from underwater three times. He is convinced he can swim, and he just can't yet. I'm hoping for great things, but I'm not beyond signing him up for the second session of three more weeks if he needs it.

Other than that, more tball this week and just hanging out. This Saturday, we have a VERY busy day that I'm already dreading. Isn't it sad when it's five days away and you're already wishing it was just over. Ugh.

Have a good week...until next time!


Marissa said...

Enjoy this time with your mom!!

21. I miss my girlies sooooooooo much. :(

Gene said...

Ellisa: Enjoy the time with your mom, tell her I said. Can't wait until the T-ball game Thurs. Love Mom K.

Lauren said...

Enjoy your visit with your mom!!! ((hugs)) for the busy weekend!

Jen said...

Enjoy your visit!!!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying spending time with your mom. I wish my mom would take the time to spend some good quality time with me.

Also, it's awesome that Payton has so much determination to learn to swim. I bet he's gonna do great!