Monday, June 23


Maxwell loves to do everything that his big brother does. If Payton's eating something, Max wants the same thing. If Payton's playing with something, he wants to play with it too...right next to him. And if Payton's doing something he should be, you can bet Maxwell is doing it too...sometimes better (or worse, depending on how you look at it).

Last week, we were practicing tball in our backyard. Without anyone showing him what to do, Maxwell picked up the whiffle ball and big plastic bat and gave it a go.

Here is the result. Please note the proud puffing of the belly at the end; his signature move.


Marissa said...

look at that little bebe boy turning into a big little boy!!

awesome capture on "film". :)

Jen said...

WTG Max!!!! They grow up way to fast.

And I love the belly,LOL!!!!

Tiffany said...

love him. love him, love him, love him

Gene said...

How cute to see it again, even though I was there I did not see the belly thing until now LOL. Love Mom

Kim Cervone said...

I see that viedeo being played on ESPN when Max is a famous ball player in 18 years.