Sunday, June 1

As the weekend comes to a close...

I'm wondering if we were thinking clearly when we had a second child. I mean, don't get me wrong, I sparkly LOVE my Maxwell and I won't trade him for anything, but MAN he's the chaos in my life!!!!

As mentioned, this weekend was just me and Matt and Payton. Friday, all day, was just me and P. Man, did we have fun. School, gym, gardening, t-ball, hanging out late and eating popcorn while watching movies. Great times!

Saturday, Matt had to work 11-3, so Payton and I ran to a bike safety expo and got him a new helmet, went to Lakeshore Learning and did the craft of the day, went to the pet store to look at fish and kitties, had lunch at a quaint little deli where we took pictures of ourselves, then went to Lowes to get some gardening supplies. We finished the day doing some letterboxing with Matt and having pizza for dinner and then planting our flowers from Lowes until 10pm. He had a great time and so did I.

This morning, we finished off our planting, went to Wolcott Farm to hid our first letterbox and then came home and hung out and played the Wii for a bit.

Then...chaos returned. Maxwell came home. Seriously it was like a whirlwind entered my home within 30 minutes of him being home. The true chaos hit after dinner. He was getting tired, yeah, but he wanted to play. Then he hit his head on the sidewalk when he wiped out. It was all downhill from there. Bath was chaos. Bedtime was chaos. Finally...he was asleep. The only thing Matt said was, "What happened to our peaceful nights?"

Ah Maxwell, how exciting to have you home. But I'm exhausted already.


Lorene said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Its such a blessing to spend some one on one time with your children. Ahhhh..those were the days. :)

I hope Maxwell grows out of his chaotic stage- one stage I am so not looking forward to again. Haha!

Marissa said...

oh girl, i can SO relate this this post!!!!!! as much as i love & adore my bebe girl, and you know i genuinely do, she set me back from smooth sailing with these 3 boys! yesterday i took the boys to the pool while E & G napped and dang, was it EASY. had she been with us it would have been constant go's, no's and chaos. I get ya girl, I truly get ya. Enjoy those alone moments with Payton - they'll come someday with Max too. I promise. (I never thought I'd get there with any of the boys either but it does, indeed, happen). :)

Jen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!

Max the chaos man. Luckily he's so stinkin' cute and sweet. I'm sure it's a stage he will outgrow hopefully sooner than later.

Kim Cervone said...

Payton looks like he enjoyed the peace (and one on one attention)as much as you did!

Gene said...

Yes, that second child syndrome does hit hard. LOL, trust me you will survive!!!!! Love Mom K.