Sunday, June 22

It's the end of the week as I knew it...

My momma has left. She's been here since summer really started and we've gotten into our routine, so I feel a little lost and like I have to start again tomorrow.

We had a great time of lunches, chats, catching up, hanging out and just generally enjoying each other's company. My mom and I are really great friends and we depend on each other a lot. We don't always see eye-to-eye on relationship or parenting issues, but we never lose respect for each other's opinion.

AND, the best thing of all...we found my mom a new swimming suit!!! She's been wanting one since last year on vacation and she just couldn't find "the one". On a suggestion from my brother, we went to JCPenny and found one! It looks good on her and she's comfy. What more can you ask for in a swimsuit? Now if only I could find one I liked that much! LOL

We went to a graduation party for the boys' former babysitter, Alyssa. I can't believe she's 17 and done with high school. Her family is incredibly close with us and I feel like they're family sometimes. They are the ones who watched Payton when we were at the hospital when Maxwell was born. I'm glad Alyssa has a younger sister. I'll need her to take her sister's job. ;)

We resume our swimming lesson/tball schedule this week, but I'm throwing in another element. I've volunteered myself for Mcrest at our church. I'll be working with homeless people and families that are enrolled in the Mcrest program. They'll be staying at the school our church runs for the week. I'm in charge of laundry each day and I'll also be doing body and bag searches at check in a few nights this week. I also hope to get up there a few times just to see if they need help with anything else.

Well, I hope you all had a great weekend! It was a wet one here, but it seems to be trying to dry out. At least my flowers enjoyed the rain!

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Jen said...

Glad you had such a nice visit with your mom!

Hope MCREST goes well at your church.