Tuesday, June 17

Pictures for a catch up

I've been slacking, I know. So here are a few to get you through until I get back on track.

Payton, my lil' number 1, on the bench with his team. He's so small. Tee Hee.

My special lil' Maxwell.

At the Toledo Mudhens game on Friday


Marissa said...


You have been blessed with some seriously cute bebe boys. I love 'em! :)

P~Bear said...

Nice pics. Are the T-Ball shots from tonights game?

It looks like Max is trying to steal Papa Gene's beer. It could be he has his mothers taste for it.

Take care of mom and don't let her stand or walk to long. She tends to forget that she is still recovering.

Love and miss you all. Give the kids a kiss for me.


Tiffany said...

so, so ,so cute. I love those boys!

Jen said...

Great pics. Payton is so cute in his uniform! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Cervone said...

I didn't even realize Max and grandpa are "sharing" a beer until Avery pointed out what it was. Get out of your cave more often, Kim!

Lorene said...

That last pic is priceless! Love it!

Geez Ellisa- you have like the cutest boys in town! And P is so cute in his uniform- I love it!