Thursday, June 12

End of the school year

Payton's last day of four year old preschool was on Monday, but his class picnic was on Tuesday. I could tell that while he'll miss his friends, he'll only really miss one of his three teachers. Funny who he chooses to make connections with.

His friends, not surprisingly, are mostly girls. In fact, there was only one boy that Payton said he would miss. This is pretty typical of Payton and his friends:

He says that now he's ready for kindergarten. He was hoping it started really soon. He's disappointed that it's still two months away.

Since we made our final decision to send P to Reach Academy, we've been to the building they're renovating for the school almost once a week. There is a trailer set up in the parking lot where the two secretaries and the principal are. Mrs. Dowker, Shelly and Carla already know Payton, know me and even Max. They each have their favorites and it great that we can get to know them so comfortably before school starts. My biggest concern about sending P to kindergarten has been that he'd be with strangers all day. But being able to meet some staff and even his potential teachers already, most of my fears have been relieved.

So on to summer. T-ball, swimming lessons, some painting, lots of gardening, vacation in much to do! I'm almost ready for September. ;)


Jen said...

What a ladies man!!!! LOL!!

I'm glad you are getting to know the teachers and the school, sounds like a great choice!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Riley's best friend is a little girl, so I guess he and Payton are kind of alike in that aspect! It's good that he's excited and ready to start Kindergarten and that you are feeling comfortable with it too. Sounds like you guys have a busy summer ahead of you, but at least you know when the school year starts, everything should go pretty smoothly.

Marissa said...

what a great pic - i laughed at payton with all those cute girlies!!

he's going to be GREAT in kindergarten!! :)

Gene said...

Yes he looks like a real ladies man, better watch out, LOL. What a cute pic.Love Mom K

Kim Cervone said...

Who is that handsome man with all the cute chicks? Could that be our little Payton? You go, man!