Thursday, June 26

Rainbow Surprise

In my last entry, I was complaining about the rain. Well, there was a rainbow at the end of that storm. FORZA!! YEAH!!!!!!!

Because P's game was cancelled, we decided to head to the Y. I didn't even realize it was Thursday at 6:45pm until I dropped the kids off and saw my Forza instructor, Cliff, walking by. He said hello and I quickly processed the situation. I told him that although I wasn't signed up for the class (ie, didn't pay) would it be ok if I stepped in on this one? He said sure! I practically ran down to the locker room, dropped my stuff and ran back to the studio.

I was able to jump right in and I was actually well ahead of this class, so I didn't feel awkward at all. And I couldn't get enough. Sure it hurt and killed me, but dang it was worth it. Cliff's teaching has significantly improved and I can tell that he's more comfortable with it all now. Just three more weeks and I'll be starting again. I've managed to work it into my BUSY summer that I can be there for the next six week session.

Ahhh...I've missed that class. It's like a long lost love.

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Tiffany said...

That's awesome babe! It is offered at our Y too but it is crazy expensive :(