Tuesday, December 14

Denise, my big sister

In one of my earlier posts this week, I mentioned my roommate, Denise. When I was first placed in my room, Denise was asleeep, snoring loudly with her TV on full blast.  After I'd been here a few hours, she woke up and sounded awful; still under the influence of her meds, coughing, gagging.  Yuck.  I'm sure you can imagine my thought regarding our stay together.

But over the last few days, we've been forced into a friendship.  Yesterday, during my meltdown. Denise was such a comfort to me.  She reminded me of all the great things I have going on in my life.  She reminded me of what I could be going through medically - her situation - which is significantly worse than mine.  And she reminded me that I am a strong person and I could handle all of this.

After I recovered from my emotional breakdown, I told Denise how much it meant to me that she offered me all that support.  She said she was happy to be there for me.  She called herself my big sister.  And in the situation were in, she acts like it.  God gave me who I needed before I knew I needed her. 

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