Friday, December 17

my plan was foiled again

At 5:00pm, my GI doctor came to visit, fully intending, I believe, to send me home.  However, it wasn't long into our conversation that I realized he'd changed his mind.  All I had to do was tell him that I still couldn't eat.  So now, another procedure scheduled for tomorrow.  He did promise that as long as the finding weren't CRAZY he'd send me home after I proved I could eat some soft foods.

I've come to accept we may never know what caused me to be in this state.  The constant pain and discomfort may take a long time to go away, but it has lessened.  And I can't eat "real" food, but at least I can eat soft, bland foods.  This isn't the end of this health saga for me.  Whatever is found tomorrow, I will have to continue with out patient care.  But I can go home.  I can sleep next to my husband.  I can cuddle with my boys.  And God willing, I can celebrate Christmas with our families.

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