Wednesday, December 15


The last 12 hours have been It feels like a flashback to my college days. Days I had hoped I would never repeat.

Because of my test results, my doctor had prescribed me a tiny little blue pill. I'd tell you it's name but that, along with lots of other details, have escaped my brain. I was asked to take this tiny blue pill before my meals. So 5:15pm, the nurse brings the pill. No issue, I take the pill and place my dinner order: veggie stir fry, extra white rice and a fruit plate.

As I'm waiting for my dinner to arrive, my hands and feet start to tingle - as if they've fallen asleep. Very weird. I try to ignore it, and change positions in bed thinking maybe that has something to do with it. No change. I received a few texts on my phone and facebook from people asking for updates and expressing concern. As I start to type, I notice my body is not ok. It's not doing to the things my brain is telling it to. At one point, while trying to respond to an email, I woke up to my roomie calling my name. I had fallen asleep, folded in half, with my face and hands on the keyboard.

I called the nurse and told her what had been going on and she felt it was a nervous/anxiety issue. i told her I wasn't nervous about anything, but she thinks the little blue pill was causing it. She suggests Adivan. My food arrives and things aren't looking any better. I can't focus on ANYTHING. I'm hearing conversations that aren't happening. I'm seeing things that aren't there. I imagine myself in places that I'm obviously not...scary stuff!! I agree to the Adivan, because how could it be any worse than what I was going through?

The last thing I remember is laying in bed, loading up the movie Unbreakable (in my top 10 of all time), and getting cozy. I didn't even make it through the full 1st scene. I remember my ears waking a few times and I could hear the movie, but my eyes wouldn't open to watch the movie.

This morning when I got up and started my day, my nurse came in to see me. She said I had a few people stop in to see me, but I wasn't able to be woken up. She also said that I would say funny things if they asked me questions or something if I was just slightly interrupted when they were getting my blood pressure or something. They tried several time to wake me to see if I needed pain relief or a trip to the restroom, but my body was already in 'off' mode.

As of now, I still feel very strongly drugged. I feel like my brain is not connected to my body. I lost my balance twice while walking to the restroom. And my hands aren't doing what they're asked either. The number of typos in this post was unreal. All the red & green corrections made my post look like a Christmas tree. I'm hoping that this all wears off quickly; all though I still don't know what the plan is for today. Hopefully there is someone to walk me through it all. Cause I might get lost following the directions of someone who doesn't exist.

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