Sunday, December 19

Grateful - So VERY Grateful

So many people have reached out to me the last 10 days.  I am deeply touched and reminded of the friends and family who love and care for me.

My mom, made a huge sacrifice to come stay with us for eight days.  She is a "last minute shopper" so she gave up a lot of her holiday shopping time to stay with my boys.  She's in her 60's, so caring for two young boys and my house - not to mention our dog who has it out for her - has been a lot of work for her.   I am so blessed to have a mother who gives without asking and cares with all she has to give.  Thank you, Mom.  I love you SO MUCH.

My wonderful boys, who at only 7 and (almost) 4, made little snowflakes to hang on my windows in my hospital room.  They prayed for me and asked about me often.  They were concerned and yet strong.  They are quite the little men and I'm so proud of them for how well they behaved while I wasn't around.

I have a lot of friends who visited in the hospital, donated a meal to my family, sent a card, said a prayer, brought me little treats or even sent a kind email or note on Facebook.  Some of these are friends I haven't known very long or known very well.  Thank you, all, for your love, concern and attention.

The hospital staff was so kind.  They spent time not only caring for me, but chatting with me to cheer me up.  They made sure I was comfortable and tried to do what they could to make me happy.  To the staff of St. John 5-West, Thank YOU!

And my husband; Thank you.  Thank you for picking up the slack.  Thank you for your MANY visits to my room.  Thank you for your love, your concern and your understanding.  I love you so much.  It's how we deal with the rough times like this that remind me how deep our love is. 

God has blessed me with so many wonderful people in my life.  People who give of themselves at a time of year when people could be so focused on what they need to get done for their own families.  Thank you, God, for the people you have put in my life.

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