Thursday, December 16

it's finally happened

It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but it's finally happened.  I'm bored.  Officially bored.  My roommate, Denise, got sent home yesterday.  Matt just left to head home.  He has to work today.  My mom is with Max.  They went to an indoor playpark today at the Roseville Rec Center.  He always has fun there.  That leaves no one for me to talk to and no one to focus on.  That's bad for someone who's social and in pain.  I focus on my pain.

-----Break for Doctor Visit-----
Here I was hoping I'd be sent home today.  Hoping that we'd have an answer and pain would be managed well, but after my doctor visit, I'm not sure that will be today.  My "stomach doctor", or gastrointestinalist, stopped in to look me over again.  He's concerned about the movement of the pain.  It has changed locations and that is concerning to him.  He's order (more) tests for today...

But back to the topic at hand.  I'm still bored.

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