Wednesday, December 8

support & understanding

I have been out of work all week for some intense pain. It started over the weekend in my lower left abdomen and I couldn't shake it. I don't normally take pills or medications, so I knew it was bad when I was standing at the sink contemplating how many Motrin I could take and still function.

Tonight, after several exams and tests, the doctors thought for a moment that I had appendicitis. That was a scary moment for me. I thought I was going into surgery just weeks before Christmas. That would have been quite the damper on my holiday!

It was in those moments of unknowing that Matt showed me how well he knows me. As he's sitting next to my hospital bed, he held my hand and didn't say a thing. With tears rolling down my face, he wiped them away and didn't ask questions. He just let me process and wait. He knows me so well. He has become an amazing best friend. Love you, babe.

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