Sunday, December 19

Home, Sweet Home

My final procedure for my hospital stay was completed around 3:00pm yesterday afternoon.  The doctors found some irritated lining in my stomach, but really can't attribute my lack of eating to that.  So I'm on several different medications to help my stomach & intestines calm down and all me to continue to eating soft foods.  In a few days, I will start testing out some less soft foods and see how things go.  I also have a some medications to help me deal with the continued pain.  I guess that's the most frustrating part.  I'm a girl who likes clear answers.  And I left the hospital with a very general diagnosis and no real answer to my problems.  But they are significantly less than last weekend when I arrived at the hospital.  So I am grateful for that.

I was granted permission to leave the hospital at 4:00pm yesterday.  It was the best news I'd received in a long time.  My boys were at church with my mom when Matt dropped me off at home.  I took a shower and folded some laundry.  When they got home, they were so happy to see me.  I heard "I missed you" all night long.  We put in Finding Nemo to watch as a family and I'm sorry to say I slept through the whole thing.

Today, we've just been hanging out here at home.  I didn't get up until 1pm.  Thank goodness for my mom!!  She'll be leaving tomorrow, but Matt is off work.  I'm hopeful that by the time the holiday events get started on Wednesday I have a LOT more energy and the pain is even less.  I really look forward to celebrating my favorite holiday with family and friends. ♥

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