Friday, December 17

still here

No morning post from me. I'm sure some of you were hoping that meant I was on my way home.  Alas, I'm still here.  I got a new roommate, Nellie, last night.  Nellie is 89 years old and has a list of health problems longer than I am tall.  It was a...difficult...night for both of us.  She is awaiting discharge right now. 

I saw a few specialist this morning.  My general surgeon came by to again assure me I don't have appendicitis even though a lot of the symptoms point to it.  My GI student doctor came by to see if I was still in pain.  Indeed I am.  And my doctor's Physician Assistant came by to see if I was eating anything.  I am not.

*sigh* The updates feel repetitive at this point.  There's nothing new to report.  They still don't know anything, I'm still in the hospital and there is still no set time for me to go home. 

OH! I did have a great visitor last night.  Liz came by to spend time with me.  We always have a lot of laughs and last night was no exception.  And today, a representative from Reach's Teacher Appreciation Committee stopped by to bring me a beautiful bouquet.  So very sweet of them to think of me.  And some fuzzy socks!  I love fuzzy socks. 

Ok, so I was able to end on a positive note.  Thank goodness for that!!

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